Alina Shaternikova

World boxing champion (GBU), vice-president of the League of Professional Boxing of Ukraine



Valery Khlystov

Honored coach of Ukraine and the Russian Federation. Coach of the youth national teams of Ukraine and the Russian Federation


Vissia Trovato

WBA Intercontinental Champion, IBO World Champion, European Champion (Italy)


Silvio Branko

World boxing champion (Italy)


Tinin Rodriguez

Boxing coach. Technical Director of the Boxing Academy in Detroit. General Director of Tape & Wrap (Spain)


Mikhail Zavialov

Honored boxing coach of the Ukraine (1973) and the USSR (1975). Took part in the preparation of many champions, including Anatoly Klimanov, Vladimir Kharchenko and Alexander Gurov. He is the president of the National League of Professional Boxing of Ukraine since 1992.


Petr Kvyatkovsky

Master of Sports of the USSR. President of the Boxing Federation of Protvino. Promoter of the Federation of Professional Boxing of Russia. Publicist, philanthropist


Dmitry Yeliseyev

Vice-President of the Boxing Federation of Ukraine. Vice President of the Union of Boxing Promotion. International class USSR master of sports.


Patrizio Oliva

World Champion, Olympic Champion in boxing, winner of many international tournaments and national championships, coach, promoter and referee (Italy)


Ahmed Kotiev

Five-time world champion in boxing among professionals (Ingushetia)


Alexander Belenky

Russian sports journalist and TV commentator. Boxing Reviewer


Michael Kozlovsky

Russian-American boxing coach. The first coach from the post-Soviet space, who brought up the champions, both amateurs and professionals, in the US owing to Soviet School of Boxing, which is called Russian Style in America.


Tomas Ermán

National boxing coach, titled by the Spanish Boxing Federation


Avi Nardia

The founder of the «KAPAP» system. Researcher in the field of martial arts. Holds 7 black belts


Alvaro Conradi Leon

Boxing trainer, owner of the boxing club in Spain


Jorge Lera

Journalist, boxing commentator at Eurosport


Yuri Romanov

European boxing champion (Belarus)



Balykin Alexander

Psychologist, General Director of the Academy for the Development of Abilities «Harmony» (Russian Federation)


Dr. Stefano Lopopolo

Sport Psychologist Expert, Mental Coach and Sociologist. (Italy)


Vladimir Zolotarev

Honored coach of Ukraine, USSR international class master of sports. First coach of Vladimir and Vitali Klitschko


Yuri Mirzyabekyan

Coach of the three-time USSR champion Nurmagomed Shanavazov


Dr. Antonio Graceffo

PhD, Shanghai University of Sports. Director of the University of Torrance program. He holds black belts in Cambodian traditional martial arts, Filipino Traditional Martial arts and Cambodian traditional kickboxing. He is the author of 8 books and over 100 articles about martial arts.


Sergey Antonov

Honored boxing coach of Ukraine. The trainer of the highest category, the senior trainer KDYUSSH №5

Sergey Ivanovich

Four-time world champion in Thai boxing. Best fighter of first world championship in Muay Thai. Numerous winner of international «K-1» tournaments. Director of the Fight Club «Chinook»


Zaur Abdulgamidov

International class master of sports . The world champion in the armed forces among amateurs. Member of the Russian national boxing team


Mikhail Serjanuk

Honored boxing coach of Ukraine. Trained European Champions and World Champions among students


Kiko Martinez

European Champion and World Boxing Champion (Spain)


Alexander L. Lichter

Honored coach of Ukraine, Honored activist of Culture and Sports of Ukraine


Professor Richard L. Wigginton

Author, writer, former amateur boxer. One of the most authoritative instructors in weapons and tactics in the US


Anton Goryunov

Well-known Ukrainian journalist, analyst, editor and leading contributor of the magazine “RING. World of boxing “(2005-2012), the author of the unique book “Gold of the Nation. Illustrated History of Ukrainian Boxing”, as well as the editor in chief boxing magazine «»


Gordon Marino

Professor of philosophy, boxing trainer, author of boxing books, award-winning boxing writer for Wall Street Journal


Semyon Poskotin

Absolute world champion in kickboxing, international class sports master


Sergei Krasnov

USSR Master of Sports in boxing. Author of the book «Quest for a victorious school»


Aitor Gamboa de Francisco

Boxing trainer at the Cabo Blanco school